Monday, March 11, 2013

Going Car Shopping is Easy

After a long work week there’s nothing I like more than relaxing all weekend long. Unfortunately, not all in my household share the same appreciation of relaxation, late mornings, drinking coffee til three in the afternoon, and just watching the television until the whole week starts up again. Alas, that’s why I found myself Saturday morning at an infiniti Dealer, bleary eyed and wishing I was still fast asleep.

I won’t name any names as to who had brought me from the comfort of my abode to the harsh colors and smells and lights of real life on a Saturday morning, but let’s just say I promised twenty five years ago to be with her until death did us part. Granted, I’m glad that hasn't happened yet. So, we were looking at a 2011 Ex in Los Angeles and she was all flustered because she really wanted the car. Have you mind, I got her a new car only two or three years ago – might have been four- but she was insisting it was time for another.

Trust me, when she starts insisting, you start listening, or at least reaching for the credit card and saying to the cashier, doesn’t matter, just put it all right here. Well, to be fair, this time I too was pleased with the outcome of the way-too-early jaunt out into reality. The new infiniti was a delight, real easy on the eyes, and easy on the road, smoother than I thought was possible. The acceleration was amazing, and the stereo loud and powerful. Really, the car flew across the pavement in a way that I had never quite know before. Genuine luxury at a very reasonable price. So reasonable that I considered getting two. See for yourself what kind of infiniti you can fit yourself with here: 
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