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Pictures Of Hair Coloring

Pictures Of Hair Coloring
Pictures Of Hair Coloring
 Hair Coloring - I

Pictures Of Hair Coloring
Hair Coloring - II

Pictures Of Hair Coloring
Hair Coloring - III

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pixie Cut Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

What hottest short hairstyles in 2011? Many women which have long hair have been cut of their hair become rock a short hairstyles. In the next we will give example some celebrity hairstyles cut off their hair with a short sexy hairstyle. Let’s see Elisha Cuthbert .

Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
When walking in red carpets, she using fusion Bob or Pixie hairstyle. The benefit of this hairstyles are many flexibility with still have some length so they can pull hair back.

Emma Watson or Hermione has grown into such a beautiful woman  in Harry Potter film. She cut her hairstyles become Pixie Cut . I don’t know her reason to cut her hair it risky ut surely pays off.  
Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Another celebrity to cut off their hair is mentioning Hally Berry.
She has been rocking the short cut for years now.
Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
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Hilary Swank also using short hairstyles she a cute her hair  at above  and using the eyes bang. Look dynamic and can adding accessories can big ring.

Keira Knightley has to be one cut her hair become short. Pink on this list Pink has no problem Cutting it all off.
Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012
So no matter what your hairs, how old are you if you want you can cut off your hair and lets go see perfect look and different look like. Become having rocking and short pixie hairstyles is not too bad ideas. In the last decade Demi moore and sharon stone become famous with their short hairstyles and influence many fans.

Hair Color: The 5 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2012

If you're thinking of a hair color change, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find the year's hottest hair color trends, gorgeous photo galleries, plus a ton of tricks and tips to help you find the shade perfectly tailored to you.

The 5 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2012

Drum roll please! The 5 hottest hair color trends include the following:
  1. Bright hues including streaats, washes of pastels, dip-dye and more. 
  2. Ombré hair color has been popping up on red carpets for more than a year and is a great color option for brunettes (see model Lily Aldridge pictured on this page, she's sporting ombré color). 
  3. Bronde is that perfect shade between blonde and brunette that was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and remains popular into 2012. 
  4. Balayage is taking the country's salons by storm and works on all hair colors, but is especially great on blondes with a beautiful base. I've been getting balayage for many years now. 
  5. Platinum blonde hair remains popular going into 2012. Keeping hair this blonde is high maintenance, however, and won't suit all skin tones. 

Now onto my favorite hairstyles for brown, blonde, black and red hair...

Brown Hair Color

If you have super pale skin and brown hair, consider going lighter or at least having some highlights painted or foiled in. Super dark shades can wash you out and even make you appear older. 

The majority reasons you hair coloring

Usage and attitude survey by Research International on men and women conducted in Indonesia in 2008, as well as 16 percent women and 14 percent of Indonesian men use hair dyes.

hair coloring

Cover the reason for the majority of their hair color, about 45 percent on gray hair, 40 percent adequate to get a shiny hair.

"For not the color of your hair, the biggest reason why they are concerned about the hair is damaged, the color is not as expected, and the staining is not practical," said William Lumentut, Head of Marketing - Indonesia during the introduction of Garnier Garnier color Naturals products here on Tuesday (10/04/2011).

hair coloring
hair coloring

The same survey, the number of Indonesian women have gray hair at the age of 25-50 years by 43 percent and 46 percent male with a high proportion of 62 percent for those concerned about too much can the presence of gray hair worries interfere with the performance .

"At the moment, is increasingly demanding social environment, to get an attractive appearance, for men and women," he said.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celebrities: Long Hair Styles For Women

Long hair-style is a very beautiful cut that not too many women will have. It is a rather unique sleek hair-style with razor cut, uneven ends.

Long Hair Styles For Women
Pictures of long hairstyles or hairdos for women with long hair.

Long Hair Styles For Women
Blonde and brunette hairstyles in long, medium, or short.
Long Hair Styles For Women
This does not mean that a cutting edge, overly trendy hairstyle is the answer. I don’t want to sound as if I am against long hair.

Long Hair Styles For Women
Long hairstyles for overweight women are also good for round faces. Letting your hair grow out or adding extensions can achieve this look.

Long Hair Styles For Women
Long Hair Styles for Women Women have traditionally grown their hair long in the majority of cultures around the world.

Long Hair Styles For Women
The most common Native American women’s hairstyles were a simple flowing hairstyle.

Long Hair Styles For Women
This short bob with fringe hairstyle is perfect for girls with a round or oval face.

Long Hair Styles For Women
Long Hairstyles for Women, Hair Extensions, Women Long Hair Styles pictures and more.

Long Hair Styles For Women
Long Hair Styles For Women make use of healthy and shiny hair and long hair styles for women can be enhanced by adding different styles.

Short Hair Styles For Women

Short hairstyles picture gallery. Short hair cuts with advice, accessories and a celebrity section.

Short hairstyles Pictures,Short hair styles

cute short hairstyle
Browse our short hair styles gallery and choose a style to try.

short hairstyle
Browse tons of trendy, celebrity and salon inspired short hairstyle ideas.

short hairstyle
Hairstyles and Haircut guide featuring celebrity hairstyles, hair loss, haircut pictures, hair styles picture, beauty and makeup tips.

short hairstyle

short hairstyle
Pictures of everyday hairstyles. Short, medium and long.

short hairstyle
If you learn anything from looking at emo hair style pictures

short hairstyle
short hairstyle pictures from Hairdressers Journal. View the latest hair style pictures from UK hair salons and top stylists.

short hairstyle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angelina Jolie to take on diplomatic role at UN

Angelina Jolie, who has been working at the UN refugee agency as a goodwill ambassador for the past ten years, has been promoted to special envoy to draw attention to some of the world's worse humanitarian disasters using her fame.

In her new role the Oscar-winning actress, will represent the UN at a "diplomatic level", focusing on "large scale crises resulting in the mass displacement of people".

Angelina Jolie

It is the first time the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has named a special envoy.

Elsewhere in the global body, such posts are usually reserved for career diplomats or retired politicians.

Jolie has visited more than 20 countries in her role for the UN including Afghanistan

"Her work does go substantially beyond what we would typically see as being the normal role of a goodwill ambassador," the Sky News quoted Adrian Edwards, UNHCR spokesperson, as saying.

"I don't think you need a rocket scientist to see the benefits that she is bringing in terms of the attention that she is getting for the plight of the world's displaced," Edwards said.

Jolie, who recently got engaged to her partner Brad Pitt, has travelled to more than 20 countries for the agency, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan and Sudan.

As well as giving her time to the agency, she has also donated large amounts of money to the organisation - which is dependent on voluntary contributions.

The 36-year-old will not be receiving any monetary compensation for her role, and has rather given at least 5m dollars which has helped build schools in Kenya and Afghanistan.

Her interest in humanitarian affairs was instigated while she was filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia, and when she researched the agency's work in Sierra Leone in 2001.

UNHCR works to help almost 35 million refugees and internally displaced people around the world.

It was established to aid millions of Europeans displaced during World War II and has since become one of the world's most prominent humanitarian organisations.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Priyanka's 9 cr remuneration reports upset Ram Charan camp

Priyanka Chopra might have hit the bull’s eye with Zanjeer remake, but it seems her counterparts in the film are not taking it as a good news, Reportedly, Priyanka has been paid a whopping 9 crore to play the female lead in the remake. And, this news has peeved people close to the leading man Ram Charan Teja.

Teja’s people want to make it clear that he is a bigger name than Priyanka and sources have it that the actor has been signed for 12 crores for his Bollywood debut.

Talking to a daily, a source said, “It is ridiculous to even suggest that PC will get a price higher than that of Charan's. Charan is getting 10 crore in Andhra Pradesh and has been signed on for 12 cr now for his Bollywood debut. Whoever is responsible for these stories should do some serious re-thinking.”

Interestingly, during the yesteryears, when the original film was being made, then leading lady of the film, Jaya (Bhaduri) reportedly received Rs 55,000 to play the role. Incidentally, Jaya accepted the role only for her 'friend' Amitabh, since no other actress was ready to star opposite then struggling actor Amitabh.

Well, it seems Priyanka wants a handsome fee to work opposite an actor, who is making his Bollywood debut or perhaps the actress is keen to get her top position back. Well, only time will tell.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan's detention: US denies racial profiling

Washington:  The US has ruled out any pattern or racial profiling in the detention of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan twice in the US in the past three years.

Shah Rukh Khan

"I wouldn't necessarily look at this as some sort of pattern, but rather two separate incidents," State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters at a news conference on Friday.

Mr Khan was detained at a New York airport for over two hours yesterday by immigration officials after arriving from India in a private plane with Nita Ambani, to address students at Yale University.

This is second such incident happening with the popular Bollywood superstar in the US.

Mr Khan was also detained in 2009 at the Newark Airport in New Jersey.

The State Department spokesman recommended people to take the benefit of a program in the US Embassy in Delhi under which they can inform the US officials about their stature and their travel plans to the US.

"There is a programme whereby travellers can alert, identify their status before they depart via the embassy. And that's one approach or avenue to take," Mr Toner said.

He also ruled out it being a case of racial profiling. "I think we all know that that's clearly not the case. You know, the fact of the matter is tens of thousands of Muslims travel to and from the US every day and are not detained or delayed," Mr Toner said.

Mr Khan, he said, was temporarily delayed before admission at the White Plains, New York, airport.

"He was traveling to an event at Yale University. We have obviously the utmost respect for Mr Khan and his work, both as an artist and a humanitarian, and we offer our apologies for any discomfort or inconvenience he may have suffered as a result of this incident," Toner said.

India's Deputy Ambassador to the US Arun K Singh conveyed India's sentiment on the issue to Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake.

This was followed by a note verbatim on the issue.

"I offered my sincere apologies that he may have experienced. I'm not sure that it was done on a personal level," Mr Toner said in response to a question.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Delta Goodrem in wax is a lifelike mirror image

  • Delta latest A-lister to be immortalised in wax
  • Dummy took 60 artists more than 800 hours to create
  • "It's amazing ... I wasn't involved in the creation"

Delta Goodrem in wax is a lifelike mirror image
Delta Goodrem in wax is a lifelike mirror image

INSERT obvious "spot the dummy" joke here.
Aussie singer Delta Goodrem is the latest A-lister to be immortalised in wax for Darling Harbour's new Madame Tussauds museum.
And while there have been some hits and misses in the annals of wax model history, Goodrem's dummy is astoundingly spot on.
"It's amazing ... I wasn't involved in the creation. That would have been a disaster," she said yesterday.

"I'll stick to music."

Sixty artists spent more than 800 hours recreating every tiny detail, from Goodrem's ocean blue eyes to her blonde locks.
The Voice judge donated the flowing blue tone dress she wore during her Visualise tour.
"It brings back happy memories ... and I'm so happy to have such a proud moment immortalised in an Australian hall of fame."

Katrina Kaif's first triple role

Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif is back! After playing a temptress in a mango drink commercial, the sizzling actress will seduce you with chocolate this time around.

Katrina Kaif, who's the brand ambassador of 'Choc-on' chocolate, recently shot for a commercial of the brand. The ad will feature Katrina in a triple role viz. Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Snow white look. CHECK OUT: SRK-Katrina starrer titled LONDON ISHQ? Find out in the Making of the Choc On ad, which fairy tale character suits her the most...Cinderella, Red Riding Hood or Snow White?

Priyanka Chopra hungry for more meaty roles

After doing more than 30 movies in Bollywood, playing 12 characters in What's Your Raashee? and seven characters in 7 Khoon Maaf, actress Priyanka Chopra still craves for more.
In her next release Teri Meri Kahaani opposite former beau Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka will be seen playing three different characters.

"When I went to narrate the story to Priyanka, she didn't say a word. But after the narration, the first thing Priyanka asked me was: 'I have to play only three characters?' I was amazed. She still has the hunger to do more and do far better," said Teri Meri Kahaani director Kunal Kohli in a statement.

Teri Meri Kahaani is set in three eras - 1910, 1960 and 2012.

Priyanka said: "I enjoy doing such characters. It gives me a high. I play three different characters I the film."

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ur texting is making u creative: Study

OMG, it turns out that when u r texting, u r not being lazy, u r being creative.

The notion that text-messaging is eroding our language skills is a myth, say researchers from three Canadian universities who have collected and studied thousands of messages.

The text4science project is a collaboration of Simon Fraser University, Universite de Montreal and the University of Ottawa, as part of a larger international project to understand how text-speak is changing the way people communicate.

"In recent years, communication via SMS (text message) has become a social phenomenon," the project website says. "Many scientific studies (in linguistics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, communication, etc.) have looked into this new medium, but their conclusions remain partial and incomplete."

Researchers asked people to send in - via text, naturally - random messages they'd saved on their phones, with the assurance that any identifying information would be removed.

They have received more than 8,000 since December.

"A lot of people think that language is degrading over time and it's just getting worse, and young people just don't know how to spell anymore," SFU professor Christian Guilbault said on News 1130. "Well, we don't think it's true."

He said the way we use language in texts proves how creative we are and that we can use English in a very specific way appropriate to the context.

For instance, the researchers found people used 10 different ways to express laughter, including three variants of ``LOL,'' and 12 different ways to text OK.

They are still accepting messages for their ongoing study. Find out more at

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dubai Autumn/Winter fashion week cancelled for now

The cancellation of Dubai's Autumn/Winter Fashion Week, which should have started this weekend, could have a major impact on the region's fashion industry, designers have warned.

The event, held twice a year to showcase collections for the season ahead, had been accused of being more of a social occasion than a serious trade event.

While organisers now have more time to plan for the October shows, designers are looking at a lost season and model agencies have spent money making bookings they have now had to cancel.
Howard Johnson reports from Dubai.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Put your data-hungry gadget on a diet

A friend and I were having lunch last week. She's an Angry Birds fanatic, so I asked if she had downloaded the new Angry Birds Space.

"I will tonight," she said, "when I get home." 

I wondered if my friend had been taken over by an alien life form. She's the type who's always reaching for her Android smartphone faster than Billy the Kid to get directions or look up a bit of trivia online.'

I must have looked puzzled, because she added, "I've put my phone on a data diet." 

"Ah," I said, getting the picture. She didn't want to download the game while on her cellular network. She was waiting until she could connect to a Wi-Fi network. 

To avoid hefty cellular overage charges and data throttling, millions of smartphone and tablet users are keeping close eyes on what their gadgets are eating. 

Like weight-loss diets, the key to a successful data diet is replacing bad habits with good ones, while not getting too restrictive. After all, what's the point of having a smartphone if all you do is use it like a dumb phone? 

The first step involves getting a handle on how much data you actually consume. Most people don't know - or greatly underestimate - what common activities cost them in terms of data use. 

What's a typical day like in the life of your 4G Android? Let's say it's sending 25 emails, visiting 25 Web pages, streaming one hour of music and 10 minutes of video. That will add up to about 3.75GB of data in a month - not good if you're on Verizon's 2GB tier or AT&T's 3GB tier. For every 1GB you go over, you're charged an extra $10. 

Each of the four major wireless carriers - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile - has a data calculator on its site that will help you determine how much data you need. Once you know that, it's time to get smarter about how you use your smartphone. 

The simplest and most effective way to trim cellular data calories is to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. You can set any Android or iOS gadget to automatically connect to known Wi-Fi networks. 

Try to confine all streaming and downloading to when you're on a free Wi-Fi connection. You can watch downloaded video and music while you're on the go. 

Did you know that you can download portions of Google Maps and refer to them offline? Navigate to the Labs section of Google Maps on your Android phone and enable the feature called Pre-cache map area. Now you can download 10-square-mile sections of maps. In addition to being a money-saver, that can be a real time-saver if you're going somewhere unfamiliar and aren't sure if you'll even have cellular coverage. 

These tips will curb the appetites of the major data hogs in your life, but you probably have a few data nibblers lurking on your phone that could deal you an unpleasant surprise. 

Do you use a lot of free ad-supported apps? If so, you need to know that they're constantly connecting to the Internet to download fresh ads. It might actually save you money in the long run to instead choose the paid version of these types of apps.

Your email and social networking apps are probably also connecting to the Internet in the background so you can stay in the loop. In Settings, you can choose to turn off automatic syncing and check for updates manually. Likewise, you can stop the camera and other apps from constantly using the phone's GPS to track location. 

Finally, sign up to get your carrier's overage alerts and get in the habit of checking your data usage two or three times a week. If your carrier doesn't offer a data-monitoring app or you'd like a more full-featured third-party app, look at My Data Manager and Onavo for Android. For iPhone, consider My Data Usage Pro or Onavo's innovative data-compressing app. 

With just a little proactive monitoring, it can become almost easy to keep the hungry beast under control.

'False-alarm mammograms' linked to increased breast cancer risk

Eileen Moleski has received mammogram results suggesting she has breast cancer four times, but further testing showed, each time, that she didn't have the disease. 

Now, she gets anxious each time she's due for another mammogram, said Moleski, 44, who lives in the Philadelphia area. 

A new study suggests that, for women like Moleski who've had a false-positive mammogram , continuing to be watchful for signs of breast cancer may be a good idea - such women are 67 percent more likely to eventually develop the disease, compared with women who've only had negative mammogram results, the findings showed. 

The findings suggest "that either that the false positive mammograms may not be false at all, or that the false positive mammograms may be representative of a biological process which contributes to elevated risk of developing breast cancer in the future," said Dr. Richard Bleicher, of the Fox Chase Cancer Center, in Philadelphia. 

The study is published today (April 5) in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
A heightened risk 

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen compiled mammography data from more than 58,000 Danish women. The women in the study were between 50 and 69 years old, and were screened between 1991 and 2005. 

The findings showed that 339 cases of breast cancer would be expected in one year in a group of 100,000 women who had only negative mammograms , whereas 583 cases would be expected in a year in a group of 100,000 women who'd previously had a false-positive mammogram. 

The increased risk of breast cancer remained for six years after a false positive mammogram, compared with women who always had a negative mammogram. 

The findings showed an association, not a cause-and-effect link, and further work is needed to confirm the results. 

Still, similar findings have been shown in the United States, said Dr. Jeff Tice, of the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Francisco, who was not involved in the study. 

The link might be explained by breast density , Tice said. Women with higher-density breast tissue may be more likely to get a false positive mammogram, and studies, including one that Tice worked on, have shown these women also have increased risk of developing breast cancer. 

Dr. Dana Whaley, an assistant professor of radiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., agreed that breast density may be the common link. 

"Breast density is an independent risk factor for breast cancer, and it is more significant than family history most of the time," Whaley said, though he added that why this is the case is not understood.

The study researchers said that the new findings suggest that false positives are a sign of some change occurring in breast tissue. It's not likely, they said, that there actually was a tumor that was missed in follow-up evaluation: women in the study with a false-positive mammogram tended not to develop cancer within two years of their false-positive tests. 

Skepticism of a link 

Some experts raised cautions about the new findings. 

"We don't know other critical factors about the risk of the patients in the study — family history, genetic mutations, hormone use," Bleicher said. The false-positive test might not, in itself, be the risk factor for cancer— it may be related to something else entirely. 

The findings would be more convincing if the study researchers had linked the specific location within the breast of the abnormality that caused the false positive with the location of later breast cancer, said Dr. Karla Kerlikowske, also of the Diller Cancer Center. 

The underlying biology that might increase the risk of breast cancer in these women needs to be explained with follow-up studies, Kerlikowske said. 

Like Moleski, many patients with previous false-positive mammograms have anxiety, Whaley said. But that anxiety is usually about the detection of cancer, not the false-positive result. "When and how this information is presented to women is very important in preventing unnecessary anxiety,"hesaid.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Long Hair Styles For Women

Here are six incredible extended style for women.

one. Ideal for a unique day or that wedding ceremony you have to show up at.

four. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Kate Beckingsale have stunning extended hair with unfastened curls.

3. Lengthy shag. This design which functions long and short layers became well-known in the nineteen sixties and 70s and also strike a substantial be aware with Jennifer Aniston in the mid-90s with her renowned shag as Rachel Green on Friends. Tousled layers. This functions greatest for hair that is medium in texture (not for good or very thick locks).

Use a long-lasting hairspray to help make your beautiful up-do and curls last.

. For a fancier search sweep the ringlets up into a unfastened messy bun and adorn with crystal-depth

five. This is a well-known search and assists to conceal a high or wide forehead. Numerous celebs have worn this fake-Bob type such as Rosario Dawson Amy Adams and Leighton Meester.

6. Romantic curls are always popular specifically amongst women with extended hair.

There are several ways to accomplish ringlets: You can both use a curling iron or old-fashioned curlers in addition lots of robust hairspray to keep the appear. Lengthier hair can be put on extended and loose with romantic curls or up in a bun for a fanciful look. To get the appear ask your stylist for extended layers and when styling finger-comb through your tendrils for a basic tousled appear. For this hairstyle choose for razor-cut wispy bangs for a modern twist to this cut. It is also really sexy if

your hair is normally wavy and you facet-sweep you bangs to a single facet.

Long and curly. Long and layered with razor-lower ends. This look is excellent for numerous encounter types (spherical oval square etc.) and is flexible as well as you can depart it loose curl to make ringlets and even have a partial up-do like a messy bun or even a French braid.

2. You can also make a partial up-do by sweeping up the sides with barrettes or Bobby-pins and letting the back again cascade down in flowing layers. For a fancy evening-on-the-city style try pinning up just the bangs and sides and utilizing a curling iron on the unfastened tresses in the again for romantic ringlets or barrel curls. Wavy locks with wispy or blunt-lower bangs. Ringlets. This has to be one of the most romantic and sexy appears for ladies with extended hair.

Extended hairstyles are so versatile not only for various seems but also for fancier designs and up-do’s as nicely.

Of course you can also flip under the ends and clip with Bobby-pins for a Bob-style appear without acquiring your hair reduce.